The Holistic Resolution is a concierge consulting company, which offers its clientele a unique, extensive network of elite experts from a variety of fields. We foster wellness in three primary areas: academic, professional, and holistic. Utilizing our network of experts, we offer a wide range of services, pooling talents to customize action plans tailored to meet the needs of every single client. We develop sharp minds, maintain healthy bodies, and wield harmonic energy in approaching any project; that is our ethos.

Cookie-Cutter Solutions No Longer Work; Complex Challenges Require Holistic Solutions

Lifetime Academic Scholarships Earned Between Three Founding Partners: $1,000,000+ USD

The Holistic Resolution brings significant capacity in advising you and/or your family throughout the application process for your young ones (K-12). We bifurcate your child's application into two parts: academic caliber and community involvement. By probing each part on a seperate basis, we gain tremendous insight and produce the most personable, yet simultaneously refined application that humbly conveys your child's uniqueness to any application committee. Once your child accepts admittance at a venerable public and/or private institution, The Holistic Resolution aims to maintain a long-term relationship with you and your family. By doing so, your child gains an edge when the next round of applications come: whether it's university/college, scholarships, or scholastic clubs, applications are never in short order. Let The Holistic Resolution be your concierge advisor when it comes to ensuring your child's future.

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Institutions of higher-learning, whether universities or colleges, constantly seek further diversity from within their applicant pools. The Holistic Resolution holds that race, place of origin, or ethnic background do not necessarily hold a grip on diversity; rather, we focus on diversity through a lense of experiences, rather than factors that are out of an applicant's control. By focusing on an applicants intellectual curiosity, rather than purely the academics, we can craft concierge solutions for your young adult. Contingent acceptance to an elite institution, The Holistic Resolution seeks to provide ongoing concierge services for your young adult. By doing so, we work early on monetizing and maximizing the value any passion which your young adult may have. We take a strong stance that your young adult should enjoy what they study and choose to specialize in. We are here to mine for that niche that your young adult will both enjoy and be rewarded handsomely for. Entrust The Holistic Resolution with your family's future by letting us serve you.

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Once your young adult graduates from an institution of higher education, there are many options as to how to move forward. One of these options, which will equip your young adult with real-world experiences, as well as an increasingly global perspective, concerns post-undergraduate international fellowships. The Holistic Resolution is composed of an elite group of personnel with experience in successfully applying for and completing international fellowships. Whatever the aspirational need of your young adult, we're here to serve and help position them for success. We offer concierge consulting services for those applying for all international graduate fellowships, including the Senator J. William Fulbright Program and various Study Abroad pursuits, among several others.

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The Holistic Resolution may help candidates looking to advance their career through continuing education programs. We offer concierge advisory for:

We work exclusively with experts that have track records in helping other students succeed and attain these certifications. The Holistic Resolution is happy to work with clients looking to attain other designations not currently listed here; we constantly strive to grow our expert portfolio, and seek the opportunity to find you the right expert for whatever endeavor you wish to fulfill within this field.

¹Excluding Louisiana Bar Exam

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The Holistic Resolution retains capability and expertise to help brand your work. Currently, we focus on providing expertise for three subsets: entertainers, looking to take their artistry to the next level; entrepreneurs, small-organizations, and aspiring/current professionals looking to create/redesign their brand to gain leverage in the negotiating process; academics looking to legitimize their portfolio and students seeking an edge in gaining employment/an edge in applying for post-graduate opportunities. The Holistic Resolution is happy to also provide concierge branding advisory for your project. We are experts at executing ideas and building out "a face" to the name. Entrust The Holistic Resolution with branding and bringing your expertise to fruition; we just might surprise you.

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Are you or your organization looking to penetrare a certain market with finesse? Do you face the challenge of setting up the infrastructure behind your idea with no experience in managing organizations? Look no further. The Holistic Resolution gladly provides fungible solutions that you or your business may successfully execute on. The fluid nature of our organization gives us expertise in most, if not all, aspects of business administration. We offer expertise in:

and Sales
and Risk

Why should you, as an expert in your craft, devote time on an un-guided basis? The learning curve for any subject is rather steep. The Holistic Resolution thus proposes a unique combination of education and practical guidance in ensuring you, as an expert in your craft, spend your time efficiently on and the right things. Let us uncomplicate business for you.

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The Holistic Resolution makes recommendations on a purely educational basis¹. Consequently, we takes no responsibility for losses or gains incurred from decisions made on the basis of our expertise. We do, however, aim to educate clients in a way where they may increase the probability of positive outcomes through a better understanding of how the Practice of Finance works in relation to particular needs that arise within their own circumstances. We aim to educate clients on the mechanics of practical analysis in the following fields:

Hospitality Investment
and Financial Management

¹ The Holistic Resolution does NOT, directly nor indirectly, provide any type of professional investment advise to any type of clients. The Holistic Resolution provides purely objective insight on the mechanics for the Practice of Finance. Any execution on a client's part is done on an explicit understanding that the recommendations put forth by The Holistic Resolution are meant for purely academic purposes.These recommendations should not in any way, shape, or form replace proper due diligence that comes along with transacting in financial instruments or vehicles.

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Social Finesse Advisory


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The Holistic Resolution retains experts from myriad fields that simultaneously function as motivational speakers. Whether its from the world of Finance, Law, or Mindfulness, we espouse a unique approach in finding the right person for your organization. The Holistic Resolution seeks to assist organizations galvanize their human capital. Members of your organization will reap tremendous benefit from our unique approach to wellness, which at its core is made up of three concepts: mind, body, and the soul; let us mine for the right approach. The Holistic Resolution will craft a concierge solution tailored to the exact needs of your organization, and bring the most appropriate cohort of motivational speakers to galvanize your members.

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