About Us

In late 2016, three visionaries executed a mutual life-long goal: establish a self-sustaining for-profit enterprise geared towards creating value for all involved stakeholders

Javier M. Argüello-Ordoñez, Terrance-Reshay Robinson, Esquire, and Chris Wadibia comprise the original founding partner base. These three Georgetown Hoyas built a consortium of experts from myriad industries. Providing a true concierge product necessitates synergies that only come from inter-disciplinary collaboration; this consortium, known as The Holistic Resolution, engenders, nurtures, and further develops said synergies into fungible assets for clients from all walks of life. Our clients hail from all over the globe and practice across the entire spectrum of enterprise, both on an organized and individual basis.

Mr. Argüello-Ordoñez, Robinson, Esq., and Wadibia collectively earned over $1,000,000 in scholarship monies and acceptance into some of the most prestigious institutions and organizations around the world. The Holistic Resolution maintains a repertoire of experts that know, on an intimate level, how to navigate virtually every application process out there. Our experts esteem your academic and professional needs, and by extension, seek to create the most comprehensive and concierge methods by which you may achieve your goals.

The Holistic Resolution succeeds only insofar as our clients succeed. We shun zero-sum and relentlessly pursue value-add at every turn. We do so, however, ethically and with regard to all involved stakeholders.